TPM offers tools customized for fact-based advocacy arguments, and others designed specifically for more, narrative, immersive storytelling. They are all beautifully designed and thoughtfully developed to help advertisers target TPM’s unique audience with sharp, compelling messaging.

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The Factstack is a swipeable product that allows advertisers to build out an argument and explain complex issues by distilling information into “cards.” Optimized for short bursts of text and mobile consumption, this tool makes distilling complex content into easy-to-digest and highly engaging information segments.


TPM Explore is an immersive, visually stunning storytelling experience. Optimized for brand and reputational advertising, it combines compelling video and animation with text to create a highly engaging multimedia narrative.


The Oracle is a micronative question-and-answer unit embedded within a content stream. This tool allows advertisers to tease readers with a question and then, upon expansion, directly address a relevant issue via the answer.


The Forum is a content engagement unit that can house anything from a book excerpt to a movie trailer to sponsored content. The unit, which consistently produces industry-leading interaction and content-read rates, is sleek, engaging and seamlessly integrated into the user experience for maximal engagement and minimal interruption.

* The Forum is a desktop-only product. Please visit this site on your desktop device to view.


The Circus combines a standard banner with a video to create a striking ad experience. Upon hover the ad expands and video autoplays -- half of all users who initiate the video complete it.


TPM packages text, video and visuals into high-impact interstitials and prestitials that immediately grab readers’ attention and are 100% viewable. These units have extremely high engagement rates.


TPM has perfected the art of crafting sponsored articles that stand out visually and tell stories readers care about. These beautiful pieces are shareable and generate a favorable view of the advertiser.


TPM offers standard sponsored articles that run alongside editorial content. Advertisers can provide their own content or work with TPM’s creative team to tell their story.


The feature series is a completely editorial event on TPM -- each series, which consists of four reported feature articles, focuses on a single topic of relevance to TPM readers. Sponsorship of a feature series allows advertisers to associate themselves with an intelligent, nuanced discussion of a topic of great interest and relevance to the country today.


TPM also offers standard display units across platforms.